Why Install Fixed Awnings for Restaurants

Why Install Fixed Awnings For Restaurants Blog

Fixed awnings are attached in a fixed position, which we commonly see in doorways, patio doors, or windows. But did you know that they can be the perfect outdoor shade solution for restaurants, bars, and cafes too?

Fixed awnings are some of the most effective ways to increase visibility and curb foot traffic of different establishments, particularly restaurants. On top of enhancing the outdoor dining experience, they also protect your customers from heat and rain. They are also permanent and require lower maintenance costs.

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The Top Benefits of Fixed Awnings

If you own a restaurant or a cafe in Canada and want to improve the al fresco dining experience of your customers, consider installing fixed awnings. Here are some of the top reasons you should give it serious consideration.

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They Don’t Require Much Maintenance

Awnings are a cost-effective solution to spruce up the outdoor design of your restaurant, giving an aesthetic appeal to the exterior without requiring much maintenance.

With fixed awnings, you wouldn’t have to do regular cleaning as you would with retractable shade solutions. These types of awnings will continue to provide constant, uninterrupted shade for your customers who prefer to enjoy their food outside.

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They Are Versatile

Fixed awnings may be stationary, but they are a versatile outdoor shade solution too. They can be built and styled differently to match the contour and design of your restaurant’s exterior.

They generally come in a variety of designs and sizes to accent the beauty of your outdoor space and give your customers a comfortable dining experience. Fixed awnings can be customized and permanently installed around corners and arches to provide shade and weather protection over windows and doors.

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They Are Built to Last Long

Fixed awnings are built with durability in mind to withstand different weather conditions and seasons without having to remove them. These types of awnings are installed to be permanent outdoor shade solutions,

They Highlight Your Business Location

Yes, logos and signage are some of the easiest ways to locate a restaurant. But in case you haven’t realized yet, fixed awnings are also proven to highlight your business location stylishly, especially for people who haven’t heard of your place yet.

Fixed awnings are a cost-effective solution for enhancing a restaurant’s branding. When you add them to your premises, they will help your restaurant look more inviting and get easily noticed.

Fixed Awnings From ROLLerUP

There is much to say about the benefits of fixed awnings for restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Fixed awnings are reliable and effective shade solutions that help increase foot traffic and offer privacy for guests, even though it’s an outdoor experience. They also make establishments look stylish and inviting to potential customers and protect them from harsh sunlight and rain.

While there are many articles about retractable awnings, not much is said about the beauty of fixed awnings. With the abovementioned benefits, installing fixed awnings is worthy of serious consideration.

If you are a restaurant owner who wants to install fixed awnings to extend the dining experience outdoors, contact ROLLerUP for a customized design. We use premium materials from a reputable manufacturer, so you can trust that our fixed awnings will not only be elegant but weather resistant and long-lasting too.

We also have a wide range of sizes, designs, colours, and styles to suit different purposes and match different exteriors. Call us at 855-576-5587 or visit our website to get an estimate for your fixed awning project today.