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About Outdoor Privacy Screens

A fully retractable rolling privacy screen holds wide appeal in the Greater Toronto Area. Use our excellent lines of products to control sun glare, optimize outdoor privacy, and enhance your comfort. A stylish privacy screen functions well in conjunction with most types of security roller shutters, too. 

We offer a superb roll up privacy screen system installation services for your convenience. Have you considered investing in this type of popular home improvement? Learn more about the advantages offered by a privacy screen system in Canada. 

Some Benefits Of An Outdoor Roll Up Privacy Screen

Why should you consider asking us to install a new outdoor roll up privacy screen system for you? Our customers love these products! Just consider a few of the important advantages screen owners obtain:

  • Block unwelcome sun glare at certain hours;
  • Reduce the impact of noise from passing foot or street traffic;
  • Retain the ability to enjoy excellent views through open doors and windows;
  • Increase your household’s privacy;
  • Reduce the impact of uncomfortable seasonal breezes;
  • Add a popular, trendy permanent improvement to your residence or office!

For all these reasons, and many more, we strongly recommend our firm’s excellent lines of privacy screen and rolling shutter products. Our legions of satisfied customers agree with us! Today, the benefits of these innovative screen and shutter systems appeal to a growing number of Toronto residents!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will an outdoor privacy screen completely occlude my view? 

A. No. These lovely transparent screens admit some light (but they will block sun glare).  

Q. Can I select my outdoor roll up privacy screen in a color I prefer? 

A. We carry a variety of beautiful privacy screen designs and colors 

Q. Will my privacy screen deter mosquitoes? 

A. A rolling privacy screen will prevent many (but not all) flying insects from penetrating into a patio or other backyard oasis. It cannot afford 100% protection, of course.

Integration With Security Roller Shutters

Customers appreciate the seamless way a roll up privacy screen integrates with our security roller shutters systems. Request our professional installation services to ensure a perfect fit! We’ll assist you in mastering the technical details of attaching a privacy screen to security roller shutters.

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Roller Shutter Color Options

We offer 4 standard colour option for our roller shutters and over 1500 custom colours you can choose from. The shutters can also be wrapped with vinyl wrapping, the same process that is common with wrapping cars and trucks for advertisements.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

ROLLerUP offers the option of an anti-graffiti coating to be applied on the roller shutters. This special coating protects the shutter surface from many elements such as paint and dirty. The anti-graffiti coating is a clear coat that is applied on top of the shutter and provides a nice glossy finish over the plain or colours shutters of your choice. 

  • Protects against dirt and paint spray
  • Keeps the shutters clean
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Preserves your home or business image

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We look forward to helping you discover all the advantages supplied by a well-constructed outdoor privacy screen. Contact us soon to request further information, or to place an order. We help residents of the Greater Toronto Area enjoy relief from harsh sun glare and uncomfortable breezes!


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