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ROLLerUp Specializes in The Repair of Roll Up Shutters

Customers seeking specialized roll-up shutter repair services in York and the Greater Toronto area rely on ROLLerUp. Our company supplies expert roller shutter repair assistance to commercial and residential clients. We offer the skills of dependable, fully trained technicians.


Count on Roller Shutter Repair

If your business or residence relies on roll up shutter technology, you realize these easy maintenance products break down infrequently. Strong metal shutters contribute to privacy and property security. Yet since every device will eventually experience some deterioration necessitating repair services, customers appreciate the availabiity of ROLLerUp. We remain available to respond to requests for fast roller shutter repair assistance in Toronto, ON.

Contact us first whenever you discover any problem requiring skilled security shutter repair services. We serve a wide coverage area. Obtaining complete customer satisfaction remains our chief mission. We also offer shutter inspection and maintenance services for your convenience.

In need of roll up shutter REPAIR?

Serving York, Toronto, And Outling Areas

What types of problems cause customers to request skilled roll up shutter repair services? These situations run the gamut from problems with shutter box placement and bracketing to accidents which result in broken, twisted or bent shutter slats. Our company supplies a full range of specialized roller shutter repair services in Toronto:

  • We offer skilled shutter and shutter box installation assistance;
  • Ask us to repair damaged electric motors and manual cranks;
  • We help clean shutter mechanisms safely and correctly;
  • Ask us to fix broken or twisted shutter laths;
  • Our technicians replace damaged slats, bars, and mesh;
  • We repair or replace damaged shutter boxes;
  • Contact us to install built-in interior or exterior shutter boxes correctly and securely for you;

Call us whenever you experience a problem requiring knowledgeable security shutter repair services in Toronto, ON. Whether your roller shutter repair request stems from an accident, vandalism, or simply the impacts of high winds and inclement weather, we provide dependable, knowledgeable roller shutter repair services in Toronto, ON. Our technicians possess experience servicing most popular brands of rolling shutters in Toronto, ON.

Serving Greater Toronto,York Region, Muskoka Areas and Outlying Areas

Our company assists customers throughout York and the Greater Toronto Area. (If you don’t know whether your location lies within our coverage zone, simply contact us. If we cannot assist you, we may refer you to a repair firm in your local area.) We strive to help keep roll-up shutters in excellent working condition. 

Today a growing number of businesses and households appreciate the convenience, privacy and security offered by fashionable roll-up shutters. We hope to become your first choice whenever you require repair or maintenance assistance for these products in this region. Contact us today to schedule a roll-up shutter service appointment! 

Cabana with roll up shutters - half open

Roller Shutter Color Options

We offer 4 standard colour option for our roller shutters and over 1500 custom colours you can choose from. The shutters can also be wrapped with vinyl wrapping, the same process that is common with wrapping cars and trucks for advertisements.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

ROLLerUP offers the option of an anti-graffiti coating to be applied on the roller shutters. This special coating protects the shutter surface from many elements such as paint and dirty. The anti-graffiti coating is a clear coat that is applied on top of the shutter and provides a nice glossy finish over the plain or colours shutters of your choice. 

  • Protects against dirt and paint spray
  • Keeps the shutters clean
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Preserves your home or business image

Further Information

Our company carries top quality brands of roller doors. These products elicit widespread interest! Visit our showroom in York, or call us. We look forward to assisting you.


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