How Do Pergolas Work with Plants to Improve Your Home?


Congratulations on your new ROLLerUP Pergola! Perhaps you’re still designing your ideal bespoke pergola or seeking to spruce up an old structure. In any event, you’ll want to choose some low-maintenance patio plants to improve the appearance and feel of your outdoor living space.

With a little bit of research, we found some pergola plants that thrive well in full sun or moderate shade, whether you prefer glossy, heart-shaped leaves, climbing vines, or vibrant flowers. Continue reading for suggestions on the best pergola hanging plants and climbing plants.

Placing potted plants in your pergola provides the flexibility you need when decorating your outdoor living space. Growing vines in pots is an excellent way to add color, texture, and seclusion. There are several climbing pergola plants, including:


Clematis – Not only they grow fast with a wide variety of hues, prepared correctly and they can also alleviate joint pain and headaches

Crimson Glory

Crimson glory – Another plant known for its color, it balances out the landscape with its stunning features


Honeysuckle – These flowers give the best colour needed for anyone looking to beautify their backyard


Roses – some varities require extra care while some are easy to grow and maintain

Sweat Pea

Sweat pea – A popular pergola plant of choice

ROLLerUP Pergolas and Pergolinos are designed to provide comfortable shade for your favourite outdoor relaxation activity. It also makes decorating your pergola a breeze. Covered patio plants that thrive in shaded areas include:


Begonias – an evergreen favourite


Heucheras – attract butterflies and hummingbirds naturally with these delicate flowers sometimes known as coral bells


Hostas – their large and flashy foliage can be used as a centerpiece


Hydrangeas – their small stature are perfect for minimalistic gardening


Succulents – aloe vera, jade, kalanchoe, and sedum all thrive in partial shade

Pergola plants come in many shapes, sizes and colors. One popular option is hanging plants: These are a great way to add color and shade to your pergola without harming the structure. You can choose from a wide range of species including:

Burros Tail

Burro’s tail — Spreading this simple, sedum is a great way to decorate a pergola.


Fuchsia — Blooming all season, these beautiful flowers are a magnet for hummingbirds.


Geraniums —One of the most well-known varieties of roses, these are available in various shades of pink and red.

String Of Pearls

String of pearls — This succulent features small, spherical leaves on trailing stems, which gives it the name `spherical leafed trailing succulent’


Verbena — 250 varieties of this plant will make any garden attractive to butterflies

Planters stocked with low-maintenance patio plants will make your pergola an inviting atmosphere for your outdoor living space. The finest pergola plants are ones that make you happy, whether you enjoy succulents, fragrant white flowers, or vivid yellow blooms.

Thankfully, are pergolas and pergolinos can stand alone on its own with simply just your outdoor furnishings. However, if you want to improve the look and feel of your backyard, you should consider choosing the best type of plants. Should you need assistance in determining the best type of pergola for your home or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ROLLerUP team at 855-5-ROLLUP