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No, Applying automotive antifreeze to a powder-coated aluminum surface could potentially lead to discoloration or damage to the coating. Powder coating is a type of finish applied as a free-flowing, dry powder, which is typically cured under heat to form a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. However, it’s not impervious to all chemicals.

Automotive antifreeze, which usually contains ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, can be chemically aggressive. It’s designed to withstand the harsh environment of an engine’s cooling system, which means it can be quite corrosive to other materials. When it comes in contact with a powder-coated surface, several things might happen:

  1. Discoloration: The chemicals in antifreeze can react with the pigments or the binder in the powder coating, leading to color changes. This is more likely if the coating is exposed to antifreeze for an extended period.
  2. Chemical Reaction: There could be a chemical reaction between the antifreeze and the components of the powder coating, which might lead to the breakdown of the coating’s structure.
  3. Surface Damage: Prolonged exposure to antifreeze can potentially soften or degrade the powder coating, leading to a loss of gloss, cracking, or chipping.

It’s important to note that the actual outcome can vary depending on the specific formulation of both the antifreeze and the powder coating.

ROLLerUP relies on high-quality materials and we carry exclusively well-manufactured shutters. These shutters employ both rolled and extruded aluminum constituents. Some shutters utilize a core composed of durable hard resin or polyurethane. 

We stand behind our product lines! When securely closed, roll up shutters potentially enhance energy efficiency by increasing the insulation of doors and windows.
Customers frequently report these durable shutters help reduce the penetration of exterior noise into a residence or office.
When fully closed, roll up shutters offer natural light blocking capabilities. They won’t interfere with home or office artificial illumination, of course. They will serve well as constituents of home theaters when customers desire an absence of natural and artificial light.

Yes, these shutters supply excellent protection for windows in Ontario. We’d like to elaborate upon some of these characteristics: 

UV Protection: When closed, our stylish roll up shutters help block the penetration of damaging UV light into the interior of rooms. 

Rust Resistance: Manufacturers use aluminum in roll up shutters, a highly rust-resistant metal. Well cared for roll up shutters will resist rusting for many years if owners maintain them in a clean, dry condition. 

Resistance to Rain And Wind: Our durable roll up shutters help protect glass doors and windows against the damaging impacts of most heavy rains and wind storms in this part of Canada. 

Storm Protection Features: Shutters offer enhanced protection against hail storms by serving as a protective barrier for the glass in doors and windows. 

Weatherproof in Every Season: Customers report these stylish roll up shutters help protect residential and business interiors during every season of the year. When closed, they serve as a shield against many of harsh impacts from the elements. 

These stylish lightweight shutters offer several key features of interest to customers. Tech savvy owners may use them in conjunction with automation technology and access control programs. Consider some of the most important compatibility technologies for these products today: 

Smart or Automated Homes: Ask the technicians who automate your home to work with our installation technicians to help incorporate roll up shutters into a seamless, secure home automation network via an access control program. 

Remote Keypad: Today, some apps and software programs permit customers to lock and unlock doors remotely; our roll up shutters will work with these software programs when fully integrated into home access control systems. 

Alexa: Consider using Alexa to issue orders on your behalf to your automated roll up shutters after you fully automate your premises and obtain voice-activated capabiities through appropriate interface software platforms. 

Mobile Phone: If your security program has integrated your roll up shutters into your home security plan, you can use compatible software platforms to control access to your shutters via a mobile phone. 

Sensor: Consider installing motion detection sensors to prevent your roll up shutters from closing on people, pets, or objects, such as vehicles or lawn mowers. You can integrate the sensors into your automated home network, too! 

Yes! We help customers obtain attractive custom products designed to fit specific windows and doors in their homes and businesses.

Manufacturers design roll up shutters to work manually (with a hand powered crank, coiler tape, spring or coiler crank), or electronically (with an electric motor operated via a button, switch, remote control or cell phone).

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Installing these shutters will improve the ability of the glass to resist damage from hail, wind, and many types of blowing debris. Significant damage may still occur, but will happen infrequently because the shutters provide a protective barrier against most impacts.

We carry sturdy shutters designed to make intrusions and vandalism more difficult. These products also significantly increase privacy at night.

No security product can deter burglaries 100% of the time, but our shutters do enhance site security, especially when used in conjunction with an alarm system and/or an access control system. Our commercial roll shutters include two special security components designed to make the mounting hardware and window sill more difficult to access from outside (Safe guide rail and Safe u-sill). Roll shutters will increase privacy at night while hindering intruders from obtaining direct contact with glass doors or windows. 

Yes. Our company will apply customized logo decals for you upon request for an additional charge. The product tolerates painting well, too.

We never recommend power washing these products. If shutters sustain damage from graffiti, simply scrub them with a manufacturer recommended cleaning product and rinse thoroughly with water. Dry the shutters thoroughly after cleaning.

These attractive low maintenance aluminum shutters resist water and don’t rust easily. Simply wash them gently with soapy water, rinse, and then dry the shutters thoroughly using a clean microfiber cloth. 

Certainly! We even market secure retail merchandise cabinets using these attractive products. Merchants use them to display jewelry, tools, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes.

Several factors affect the measuring process. We’ve compiled a helpful written guide to assist customers (available through our company). Our service department offers complimentary customized roll up shutter measurement assistance, also.

We typically maintain a 2 to 4 week delivery cycle. We complete rush orders within seven days, and require additional charges for this expedited service.

Worldwide. We ship small orders directly to customers. Freight Line typically processes large orders on our behalf, and will contact you to determine a mutually convenient delivery date and time.

We market several different brands of exclusively high-quality roll-up shutters. We import customized shutter materials from Italy, Germany, and Poland. 

We’ll gladly place you in touch with Amazing Window Fashions to obtain skilled measuring and installation assistance. Rely on us for comprehensive help during the order process for roll up shutters and other lovely window coverings.

Yes. Simply contact our service department for assistance. We look forward to helping you enjoy beautiful new roll-up shutters!

The curtain may be frozen to the sill or guide rails.

Try to gently tap the curtain in several different places with a mallet to free up the curtain.

Remove any Frost or snow attached to the surface of the curtain. Try to gently tap the curtain in several different places with a mallet to break any ice apart.

STOP operating before the bottom profile goes inside the panel box.  

Frost, snow or ice could be built up on the curtain resulting in the unit travelling past where you want it to stop at the top.  It will continue to roll upwards until the motor reaches its set limit. When this happens, it is not a failure of the motor, but instead, just a result of the curtain rolling up bigger and faster due to the frost, snow, or ice on the curtain.   If the curtain has completely gone into the panel box, call your local dealer for service before operating the unit again.  

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