Roll-Up Garage Doors For Laneways

Enjoy Protections with Roll Up Laneway Doors

ROLLerUP has brought its reliable and long-lasting roll-up doors to the laneway. Too often, these unattached open parking spots are a target of vandalism, theft, and loitering. That’s why we are offering a safe and secure solution that finally provides homeowners with peace of mind.
We mount each roll-up garage door to the top of an existing frame. With a single click of a button, owners can engage the door as a network of reinforced aluminum slats rolls down towards the ground. Once it is flush with the base, the door fastens itself into place with robust locking mechanisms that deter unwanted entry.

Protect Your Valuables

In many ways, your home is the center of your world. It is where you sleep, eat, relax, and host friends. It is where you congregate with your family while providing a safehold for your possessions. An open laneway gives outsiders untethered access to your personal space.
A roll-up garage door lets you protect the things that matter most. Whether that is your family, car, or another significant item, these devices offer instant protection. ROLLerUP doors are renowned for their deterring capabilities with impenetrable slats and anti-graffiti coatings.
ROLLerUP roll-up garage doors provide protection no matter the condition. Even in the harshest winters, our powerful motors come through with the reliability and efficiency you need every day. There is even a manual override crank in the unlikely event of a power failure.
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Customize Your Laneway Way Garage Door for the Perfect Fit

We design each roll-up garage door around the specifications of your property. We understand how important security is to you, and make a concerted effort to optimize our products, regardless of the project size or complexity. When it comes time to install the roll-up garage doors, you can rest assured that the door will provide an immediate and complete layer of security.
The installation process is relatively quick and straightforward. Our team of specialists can mount the device to the edge of the property or a carport. This versatility allows homeowners to not only get protection when they want it but where they want it too.
Each garage roll-up door puts power in the hands of its users. From the intuitive interface to the wireless controls to the sleek exteriors, they excel in every measurable category. It is why roll-up doors have become a must-have for homeowners with laneways.

An Added Layer of Privacy

Privacy is power. The ability to live without concerns about prying eyes is a freedom that’s easy to take for granted. A roll-up garage door provides precisely that for your laneway.
The device gives an added level of privacy when homeowners need it. It puts a barrier between you and the outside world in the same way that shutters do for windows. This transformation is why countless Canadians are getting roll-up garage doors and enjoying the added security and peace of mind.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters provide a durable exterior that protects your home from intrusion. As your windows are one of your home’s most vulnerable locations, using roller shutters to guard against burglary can help you restore your peace of mind.

It is particularly useful if you travel for extended periods.
If you live on a busy road or near late-night venues, rollers shutters prove useful as a cost-effective method for blocking out noise. By providing an extra layer of protection between the elements and your windows, roller shutters block significant disturbances and help you restore tranquility to your home.
Controlling light inside of your home is extremely difficult, especially if you want to eliminate all sources of light. For residents who work nightshifts or find it impossible to sleep with light exposure, roller shutters can be an effective tool for blocking out the sun and improving your quality of sleep.
Protecting privacy in your home is essential. Some people choose to close the blinds to protect their privacy, but roller shutters are an even more effective tool for blocking out external attention. It’s also useful for retaining your home’s privacy if you’re out of town.
One of the lesser-known advantages of roller shutters is the impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Windows are a primary source for heat leakage, so roller shutters guard against external temperatures and cut down your energy bills.

If you’re seeking a cost-effective method for controlling your home’s internal climate, roller shutters are a perfect solution.

Roller Shutter Color Options

Over 1800 custom colour options are also available, based on selections from the Benjamin Moore paint fan.

Crispy Colors Rollerup 1

*Black color is a standard on certain line of products

Anti-Graffiti Coating

ROLLerUP offers the option of an anti-graffiti coating on all rollshutters. This is a cross-linked polyurethane coating designed for maximum surface protection designed to allow for easy clean up of graffiti from exposed rollshutter surfaces. Talius Anti-Graffiti Coating is a clear coat that provides a gloss finish over stock and custom colors and offers a non-stick surface, allowing you to wipe away graffiti. A few advantages of Anti-Graffiti Coating include:

  • Repels dirt and graffiti spray
  • Saves money and reduces clean up costs
  • Preserves your image
  • Protects from a wide range of substrates

With outstanding resistance to chemicals and excellent color-retention, Talius Anti-Graffiti Coatings highly abrasion-resistant surface make it an ideal choice for rollshutters used in public areas and schools.
Talius Anti-Graffiti coating is a modified aliphatic-polyurethane coating with enhanced abrasion resistance to provide resistance to chemicals, abrasions and impact. Talius Release is a clear coat that provides a gloss finish over stock and custom colors, and offers color retention and a non-stick surface. Talius Release coating is applied with a dry film thickness of 1.0 –2.0 mils (25-50 microns). Hardness: ASTM D3363, 2H. Solvent Resistance: ASTM D4752, 100 MEK rubs; NO failure. Abrasion Resistance: 1000 cycles CS-17, ASTM D4060, 32 mg loss. Impact Resistance: ASTM D2794, 40 in lbs; NO failure. Flexibility: ASTM D522, 1/8” mandrel blend; NO failure.

Smart, Flexible Financing Available.

With more financing options now available, anyone can be protected by our roller shutters. Ask us about our flexible financing plans.


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