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As a ROLLerUP franchisee, you’re not just starting a business; you’re stepping into a role where your success shapes the community and brings security, comfort, and peace of mind to people’s lives. ROLLerUp stands by you as your trusted guide, offering the support, expertise, and proven systems to help you conquer challenges and achieve greatness.

Your Journey to Making a Difference. In your quest to protect and serve, your ROLLerUP franchise becomes the beacon of quality security, weather protection, and light control for commercial and residential spaces. With over a decade of mastery in the security shutter domain, ROLLerUP equips you with the necessary skills, advanced technology, and ongoing support to meet and exceed the needs of your clients.

As part of the ROLLerUP family, you will lead your territory, delivering solutions that matter in areas around Toronto and Saint John. Your journey is our priority, and we ensure open lines of communication and timely support, empowering you to deliver ROLLerUP’s promise of quality and reliability to every doorstep.

Join us, and transform your entrepreneurial vision into reality while making a tangible difference in your community. With ROLLerUP, be the hero your city needs, backed by a team that ensures your story is one of triumph and growth.

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There’s an abundance of rooms and structures that can significantly benefit from custom shutters, regardless of whether you’re designing a commercial or residential property. With our versatile service, we can provide custom-fit shutters for garage doors, patio doors, storefronts, concierge desks, windows, and several other locations.
Your clients will appreciate the added level of security provided by quality shutters. You won’t need to worry about our offerings clashing with the aesthetic of your project; we offer many non-invasive designs that will complement your vision.

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Pool Builders (Landscaping Companies and Designers)

Outdoor spaces might seem like an odd place to install shutters, but many external structures can use the privacy and protection shutters can offer.
Your client might be interested in building a pool house for their private pool. This detached addition is becoming a very popular trend, with many homeowners using them for outdoor parties or casual lounging.
By having some privacy screens in place, people can retreat to an isolated area that offers reliable protection from the elements and enjoy the shade.


We provide local builders with our premier products that are sure to satisfy any client. ROLLerUP custom shutters are offered the best rates while maintaining the level of quality that you require.

If you become a dealer, we can handle anything shutter-relate, whether a client requested you to build a regular residential home or something more specialized like a commercial property. Aside from our product’s versatility in terms of size and form, we also provide custom printing and vinyl wrap services for clients who want a more personal touch. Contact ROLLerUP to get a quote on shutters for your property today!