Commercial Security Shutters

Noise reduction. Light control. Energy-efficiency. There are a lot of reasons to invest in commercial security shutters. Perhaps most importantly, they provide unparalleled peace of mind knowing that you, your business, and your property are safe. ROLLerUP makes it possible to protect all these valuables with a single investment.

Security Roll Up Shutters

Our team installs standard and customized commercial security shutters based on your individual needs and preferences. That includes features that prevent graffiti, dampen sound, and block unwanted light. With our long-lasting inventory of options, we guarantee your business will receive the highest level of protection possible.
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Retail Security Grilles

Retail Security Grilles

With our retail security grilles, you can rest assured that when you close your business for the day all of your possessions and merchandise will be safe and secure while you are gone.
We can handle commercial security shutters for canteens, kiosks, loading docks, product displays, shelving, shops, storage rooms, storefronts, pharmacies, reception counters and TVs. The right retail security grilles can prevent vandalism, burglary or weather damage.

Customizable and Stylish Security Roll Up Shutters

Our roll up shutters can be customized and fitted to any application or structure. Our shutters come in a wide range of colors or the shutters can be wrapped with vinyl material.

Add value to your storefront by adding name recognition with your logo or by posting a promotional advertisement to your client-facing shutters. We offer a 5 year warranty on our roll up shutters.

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Industrial Roll-Up Doors

Industrial roll-up doors need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be ugly. Our aluminum commercial roll-up doors combine excellent security, incredible durability, and appealing aesthetics in one package.
Our doors are ideal for parking garages, convention centers, and many other commercial and industrial applications in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a wide range of doors for different needs.
Our specialty is industrial aluminum doors that offer maximum security as well as many other benefits. We even offer minor customizations, including insulated slats that reduce noise and save energy. Our doors have some of the best opening speeds in the business, which can help improve thoroughfare through busy areas while still keeping the building secure.
No matter what type or size of commercial roll-up door you need, we have the ideal fit for you. If you want to see how far roll-up doors have come, give us a call to find out more.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters provide a durable exterior that protects your home from intrusion. As your windows are one of your home’s most vulnerable locations, using roller shutters to guard against burglary can help you restore your peace of mind.

It is particularly useful if you travel for extended periods.
If you live on a busy road or near late-night venues, rollers shutters prove useful as a cost-effective method for blocking out noise. By providing an extra layer of protection between the elements and your windows, roller shutters block significant disturbances and help you restore tranquility to your home.
Controlling light inside of your home is extremely difficult, especially if you want to eliminate all sources of light. For residents who work nightshifts or find it impossible to sleep with light exposure, roller shutters can be an effective tool for blocking out the sun and improving your quality of sleep.
Protecting privacy in your home is essential. Some people choose to close the blinds to protect their privacy, but roller shutters are an even more effective tool for blocking out external attention. It’s also useful for retaining your home’s privacy if you’re out of town.
One of the lesser-known advantages of roller shutters is the impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Windows are a primary source for heat leakage, so roller shutters guard against external temperatures and cut down your energy bills.

If you’re seeking a cost-effective method for controlling your home’s internal climate, roller shutters are a perfect solution.

Custom Paint Options

Over 1800 custom colour options are also available, based on selections from the Benjamin Moore paint fan.

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*Black color is a standard on certain line of products

Anti-Graffiti Coating

ROLLerUP offers the option of an anti-graffiti coating to be applied on the roller shutters. This special coating protects the shutter surface from many elements such as paint and dirty. The anti-graffiti coating is a clear coat that is applied on top of the shutter and provides a nice glossy finish over the plain or colours shutters of your choice. 

  • Protects against dirt and paint spray
  • Keeps the shutters clean
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Preserves your home or business image


Roller Shutters Installation & Repair


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