Fire Shutters vs Fire Curtains

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A building’s smoke and fire mitigation systems can be installed in a variety of ways. These systems are frequently mandated by law because they are critical in protecting your facility and its people from the damaging effects of smoke and fire.

Fire shutters and fire curtains are two distinct components of passive mitigation systems. These two things sound similar, yet they are extremely different in function, positioning, and substance. While both may be used to assist moderate and guard against flames, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between them so you know when to utilize which to provide the most protection for your structure.

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Fire Shutters

Fire shutters are roll-up metal shutters that are attached to the outside of windows and doors. They’re intended to cover single windows and doors in the case of a fire, preventing flames from spreading to the building’s exterior and other neighboring structures.

The fire shutters are housed in a projecting metal casing that is attached above the windows or doors on which they are put. They slide down over the entrance and latch shut when deployed. They operate as a physical barrier to prevent flames from passing through once closed.

It is crucial to remember that these shutters are only intended for outdoor usage; they are not intended to cover inside doors or spaces, and they are only intended to cover a single door or window. They are not designed to cover large apertures, irregularly shaped doors or windows, or to round corners or wrap around an entrance or item to protect it. They can be an important aspect of fire mitigation, but they are not sufficient on their own.

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Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are flame-retardant fabric curtains that may be placed anyplace indoors to control flame or smoke. They can be concealed in inside entrances, elevators, and apertures, becoming apparent only when activated.

Fire curtains function similarly to fire shutters. They aid with the containment of flames and smoke until the fire can be extinguished. Fire curtains can be the first line of defense against an out-of-control fire since flames and smoke can spread fast indoors, particularly through gaps and into open areas.

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The Protection System

Every ideal fire mitigation system will have both active and passive components. This indicates that having sprinklers isn’t enough if you can’t control and confine the flames and smoke. Directing or confining smoke and flames won’t help if you don’t have a method in place to extinguish or ventilate them.

If your structure has fire shutters, you have some level of outside protection. It can be an important component of a good fire mitigation strategy. Fire shutters can assist protect the building’s façade and prevent fires from spreading to surrounding structures. These shutters can also aid to control the passage of smoke and flames within while protecting other areas of the structure. For more information on how to safeguard your building with fire and smoke curtains, contact ROLLerUP now and browse through more of our products like security shutters, awnings, outdoor privacy screens and pergolas.