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Custom Printing & Vinyl Wrap Services For Roller Shutters

Today, businesses in the Greater Toronto Area often welcome the opportunity to print stylish custom banners and/or creative ads on security shutters. Does this capability interest you? If so, you’ll want to learn more about tailored printing and vinyl wrap services for roller shutter systems. ROLLer UP offers accurate information and services for customers interested in using security shutters for promotional or branding purposes.

Display Important Information Clearly

In fact, today roller shutter printing supplies an increasingly popular advertising vehicle in many industries. The use of roller shutter vinyl wrap has enabled some companies to rely extensively upon commercial building exteriors for certain promotional purposes. When you’d like to publicize your business name (or your logo), or a brief mission statement, customized shutters supply a highly tailored forum. 

Many customers find the variety of materials available for use in roller shutter vinyl wrap ads surprising. Just consider a few of these exciting possibilities: 

  • Photos;
  • Ads;
  • Business Information;
  • And More!
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sport store security with roller shutters

Businesses Using Roller Shutter Printing

The nature of your business and your marketplace may enhance the attraction of using tasteful roller shutter vinyl wrap ads on a permanent (or a semi-permanent) basis. Businesses which rely extensively upon passing foot and vehicle traffic often obtain significant benefits by exploring roller shutter printing options. Passers-by frequently notice messages conveyed in this way.

Just like a billboard, roller shutter printing sometimes offers a very cost-effective commercial communications venue. In our experience, the following businesses often benefit by launching these types of advertising campaigns: 

  • Restaurants;
  • Retail Outlets;
  • Laneway Homes;
  • Garages.

Use Roller Shutter Printing

By making business information, logos, photos, and ads visible on commercial roller shutters, many enterprises share important messages with the public. For instance, a property management firm may discover advantages in communicating the availability of lifeguard services at specific hours to residents of an apartment complex or a condominium community. The company might choose to publicize this info via the roller shutters on a swimming pool cabana. 

In most cases, the nature of a business enterprise will impact the decision whether or not to use roller shutter vinyl wrap ads. Although this practice certainly won’t appeal to every business, in some cases it does provide a valuable advertising forum. As a service to our commercial customers in Toronto, ROLLer UP supplies information about this topic. If you’d like to receive further details, simply contact us. Please include specific information about the type of roller shutter printing you require.

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Roller Shutter Color Options

We offer 4 standard colour option for our roller shutters and over 1500 custom colours you can choose from. The shutters can also be wrapped with vinyl wrapping, the same process that is common with wrapping cars and trucks for advertisements.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

ROLLerUP offers the option of an anti-graffiti coating to be applied on the roller shutters. This special coating protects the shutter surface from many elements such as paint and dirty. The anti-graffiti coating is a clear coat that is applied on top of the shutter and provides a nice glossy finish over the plain or colours shutters of your choice. 

  • Protects against dirt and paint spray
  • Keeps the shutters clean
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Preserves your home or business image


Roller Shutters Installation & Repair


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