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Some of the best outdoor structures that provide not only excellent dining and relaxation space but also exceptional decorative features are pergolas and pavilions. Such outdoor oases are the dream of every homeowner in Toronto. With an experienced and highly qualified professional, this dream can be achieved.

ROLLerUP is an expert pergola and pavilion installer in Toronto that works closely with homeowners, business owners, and contractors to build customized outdoor structures that meet current and future needs. Dive in to find out more about pergolas and pavilions, and why they are excellent structures for your property.

Benefits of Installing Pergolas or Pavilions

Protection from The Weather

When you want to enjoy the outdoors on that sunny Sunday afternoon, an outdoor structure, such as an aluminum pavilion or pergola, can protect you from harmful UV rays, excessive heat, storms, and unexpected shower winters. Considering that our structures have a retractable or louvred roof, you can adjust the amount of heat or light getting into your structure.

Increases Your Property Value

A home with an outdoor structure has a higher curb appeal. Therefore, adding a beautiful aluminum pavilion or a pergola to your home increases its value. Potential homebuyers appreciate any additional space to homes, especially when it's decorative, exquisite, and a perfect spot to relax with friends and family.


Spending time in your yard can get quite uncomfortable when you can see straight into your neighbour's living room or yard. Lack of privacy limits the use of your extra space. With a screened pergola or pavilion, you can create a private area where you and your family can relax without interference from the outside world, including annoying bugs and passersby.


Our meticulousness, experience, craftsmanship, and the high-quality aluminum we utilize ensure that the pergolas and pavilions we built will last a lifetime. Aluminum structures withstand all elements, including water and heat, making them an excellent investment for commercial and residential properties. The surface of the aluminum we use features powder-coated paint, which does not fade over time.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other pergola and pavilion materials that require regular maintenance, such as cedar, which needs regular staining, our aluminum structures require minimal maintenance. They're also water and dirt resistant.

Our Pergolas and Pavilion Product Features

ROLLerUP installs high-quality prefabricated pavilions and pergolas from Stobag, a renowned Swiss-based company. We provide custom-sized pergolas to suit your specific needs at home, office, or place of business.
Our pergolas can be free-standing, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted based on your terrace and outdoor needs. Depending on your requirements and preferences, we integrate a retractable or lamellas roof system, protecting you against excessive heat and UV rays. To keep your outdoor time with friends and family going even when the sun sets, we can add some beautiful LED lighting.
We also integrate a water runoff system to keep your space clear of water during rainy seasons. This protects your outdoor furnishings from water damage.

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Stobag Tp6500 022

Why Aluminum pergolas?

ROLLerUP specializes in aluminum pergolas and pavilions because they are superior compared to wood and acrylic structures. First, they are resistant to elements, such as water and heat, which damages other structures over time.
It would also be best to consider aluminum pergolas because they’re resistant to rust, making them perfect for outdoor use throughout the four seasons. They also have powder-coated paint, which maintains your structure’s elegant aesthetics for many years.
Our aluminum pergolas and pavilions are prefabricated in Swiss by Stobag, a premier company in the outdoor structures industry. Their experience, craftsmanship, and attention to detail make their products superior and the perfect choice for your home and business, which is why we utilize them.

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Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our primary goal is fulfilling our client’s needs of having an outdoor structure that satisfies their outdoor requirements. We do this by offering a hand in the design process and building meticulously, with the client’s desires in mind. Whether you require a small or a large aluminum pergola or pavilion in Toronto, we will meet or exceed your expectations.

Turnkey Projects

ROLLerUP comprises a team of highly qualified, experienced, and customer-oriented experts from various construction trades. This enables us to provide all-inclusive pergolas installation services in Toronto.


For many years, ROLLerUP has been providing customized aluminum pergolas and pavilions for commercial and residential properties in Toronto. This has heightened our skills and given us the experience required to provide high-quality, durable, value-adding, and decorative structures for homes and businesses.


We offer the best prices for high-quality aluminum pergolas and pavilions in Toronto. We work within your budget to provide an elegant outdoor space for your friends and family.


All our aluminum pergolas and pavilions are high-quality, durable, and meet every specification of a perfect outdoor structure. They come with a five-year full warranty, showing that Stobag, our Swiss-based supplier, stands with their exquisite work and are committed to customer satisfaction.

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