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Residential and commercial properties, including our homes, stores, and offices, hold valuable possessions, and burglars never stop looking for ways to obtain them. This is why having an extensive security system to protect your valuables and family against possible burglary and predation is essential.
One of the best ways to protect your residence and business is by integrating custom roller shutters into your existing security system. Why? Well, let’s dive in and find out more.

What are Security Shutters?

ROLLerUP security shutters are high quality, sturdy, and durable roller shutters installed in commercial and residential properties to provide an additional layer of security and privacy. They are fitted in front or behind easily accessible doors and windows, creating a physical barrier to your property’s possible entry points. Security shutters also have special applications, such as when fitted to counters and cabinets in stores and offices.
At ROLLerUP, we provide a wide selection of roller shutters in terms of colour and style. This ensures that you can add roller shutters on your windows, counters, shelves, and doors without compromising elegance.
We customize roller shutters based on your security needs and other preferences. Whether you want your shutters automated or manual, we can deliver.
Contact us to learn more about our unique, sleek security shutters and to get an estimate from our installation experts.

Patio Door Security Shutter Forest Hill

Security Shutters Installation and Repair

Applications of Security Shutters

Security Window And Door Shutter

Windows & Doors

Glass windows and doors are classy for our homes and businesses as they add style and elegance. However, burglars and predators can gain entrance by jimmying or breaking their way in. By fitting sturdy security shutters on your property’s windows and doors, you create a barrier that provides an extra layer of protection and privacy.

Counters & Cabinets

Security shutters are ideal for counters and cabinets at your business premises, including pharmacies, canteens, stores, and offices, as they provide security for your valuables and inventory. Our counter and cabinet shutters are easy to operate, and you don’t have to bargain on style since they are sleek.

Counter Security Shutter 1
Garage Door Shutter View From Inside 1
Garage Door Shutter View From Inside 1

Garage doors

Your garage should have a high-quality door to protect your autos and other equipment in your garage. It also acts as an entry to your home, and as such, a strong garage door protects your home. ROLLerUP supplies and installs exquisite, superior quality roller shutter doors that integrate into your home and provide more than security and privacy to your home. Our garage door roller shutters require minimal maintenance, can be tailored to meet your commercial or residential needs, and unlike conventional doors, they occupy minimal space. They can be automated or manually operated, depending on your preference. For more information on our garage door roller shutters in Ontario and to learn about their benefits in detail, visit our blog.


ROLLerUP offers customized storefront security shutters in Toronto to help retailers protect their inventory. Storefront security shutters are designed in a way that provides security and still showcases your products when closed. They are available in many patterns and styles, and we tailor them as per your desires.

Front Store Security Shutter
Cabana Counter Security Shutter
Cabana Counter Security Shutter

Cabanas/ Pool Houses

Your cabana is an essential part of your commercial or residential property. At home, this is where you get to relax with your family and friends as you take a swim on that sunny weekend. It has furnishings and other expensive essentials, including swimsuits, which should be protected against burglary and unfavourable weather conditions. By integrating our high-quality cabana roll-up shutters, your property will be protected, and you’ll also get other benefits, including increased curb appeal and customized style.


An open laneway is an easy access point to your automobiles and home. To ensure top security and privacy for your family, valuables, and your entire residence, security shutters should be installed. ROLLerUP installs custom roll-up garage doors to your laneway, enhancing your residence’s overall security and privacy. They’re easy to operate, durable, and can be integrated into your existing security program. Contact our security shutters experts in Ontario to get a free installation estimate.

Laneway Shutter
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About Us

ROLLerUP is a premier security shutters installation company in Ontario, GTA. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality, customized products, which serve our clients’ needs for years.

Client satisfaction is our primary goal. This is why we work with our clients from concept to completion, ensuring that every detail of the roller shutters we provide is per the set requirements and security needs.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the security shutter industry. This means that we have acquired the know-how to provide unsurpassed security shutter installation services in Ontario.

Apart from security shutters, we install other high-energy efficient products and structures that enhance your home’s and office’s privacy, including privacy screens, pergolas, awnings, and window security films.

Your residential and commercial security and privacy are our business, and we the best at it. Our experience, expertise, superior customer services, and commitment make us top custom security shutter installers in Toronto. Contact our experts today to get a free estimate on security shutters installation in Toronto.

Benefits of Security Shutters

Tailored Systems

We provide customized security shutters for diverse commercial and residential applications. They are available in different styles and can be integrated into your existing security system. Whether you want your roller shutters manual, automated, or remote-controlled, we'll work with your tech company to deliver.

Peace of Mind

Protecting your valuable possessions and your family from burglars and predators gives you peace of mind. This is a priceless commodity, and we can help you earn it through high-quality security shutter installation in Toronto.

Easy to Maintain and Operate

Our roller shutters are weather and fade resistant, which ensures long-term service and elegance. They’re also easy to clean and operate, creating convenience. To prevent vandalism, we apply an anti-graffiti coating, which keeps your roller shutters tag-free reducing maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Our security shutters create energy efficiency in your property as they help keep excess heat and cold out. In other terms, they create a layer of insulation.


ROLLerUP security shutters have a 5-year limited warranty.

Custom Paint Options

Over 1800 custom colour options are also available, based on selections from the Benjamin Moore paint fan.

Crispy Colors Rollerup 1

*Black color is a standard on certain line of products

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