Energy Efficiency and Light Control Shutters

Whether it’s chilly or sizzling hot, having an energy-efficient property saves you heating and cooling costs. Your windows, entry doors, and garage doors account for large energy losses, which you can prevent through certain home improvements that provide insulation. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to attain an energy-efficient home, store, or office with excellent light control is through exterior shading, particularly roll-up shutters. They provide exceptional functionality without sacrificing your overall style.

Why Shutters Provide Best Solution for Energy Efficiency

Excellent Insulation Properties

ROLLerUP provides shutters with excellent insulation properties, helping you regulate the heat entering your property through windows or doors. Our shutters are integrated with polyurethane, a fantastic thermal insulator, which keeps out excess heat during summer and prevents heat loss from your home or business during winter. When roller shutters are fully closed, they trap a layer of air between them and the windows or doors, which also plays a crucial part in reducing the energy required to cool or heat your property. Compared to other window treatments such as blinds and curtains, roller shutters provide substantial energy efficiency in summer, winter, and other seasons.

Light control

Shutters can help you control the amount of light that enters your home. This enables you to protect your furnishings from UV damage and control your home’s heating. When excess sunlight enters your home, it causes it to heat up, leading to higher energy bills. With shutters, you can regulate the amount of light entering your home or office, keeping it well-lit without heat accumulation.

Easy to Maintain and Operate

Compared to other window coverings, shutters are easy to maintain, thanks to their weather-resistant and durable material. When they get dusty, you can easily clean them by wiping their surface with a cloth or using a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. They’re also easy to operate, enabling you to effortlessly lower or retract them.

Energy Efficiency and Light Control Shutters Installation and Repair

Applications of Energy Efficiency

Security Window And Door Shutter

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are responsible for most heat loss or heat gain in your home or office, which directly contributes to high energy bills. With the installation of high-quality shutters, one can create a barrier that keeps the heat out during summer and prevents energy loss during winter. Your property’s lighting is also essential, and using the door and window shutters, you can regulate the amount of light that gets in.

Counters & Cabinets

Your counters and cabinets, especially those with products sensitive to light and heat, can benefit significantly from shutters. Whether it’s at your office, store, or home, installing the counter and cabinet shutters keeps your goods cool and prevents damage from excess light.

Counter Security Shutter 1
Garage Door Shutter View From Inside 1
Garage Door Shutter View From Inside 1

Garage doors

Replacing your conventional garage door with a roller shutter garage door has an array of benefits, including energy efficiency. With a roller shutter garage door, your automobiles and tools are protected from excess heat and cold, keeping them in good condition and reducing your energy costs.


Keeping your store well-lit and at a favourable temperature gets quite easy with energy-efficient shutters. Storefront shutters help control lighting, which keeps your clients happy and protects your products. They also provide sufficient insulation throughout all seasons, keeping your energy bills low.

Front Store Security Shutter
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About Us

ROLLerUP is a reputable roller shutter installation company in Ontario. Our primary focus is to provide high-quality, customized roller shutters for all residential and commercial applications.

Our company has more than 10 years of experience installing and repairing roller shutters to offer high energy efficiency, light control, privacy, and security for homes and businesses. Our experience has equipped us with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide exceptional services tailored to specific client needs.

ROLLerUP has highly trained and committed technicians who work closely with clients, ensuring that their roller shutter requirements are met or exceeded. For us, client satisfaction through excellent services comes first.

If you’re looking for energy-efficient shutters for your home or business, contact us today for a free estimate. We will customize your roller shutters to meet specific requirements.

Benefits of Security Shutters

Lower Energy Bills

By installing shutters, you can significantly improve efficiency in your home or business throughout all seasons. According to a study done by National Research Council Canada, lowering your roller shutters during summer prevents the buildup of heat in your home, which reduces the daily electricity demand required for cooling by 50-80%. During winter, lowering the shutters creates a thermal barrier that cuts heat loss by approximately 19%, reducing the energy required for heating. Whichever season it is, shutters provide an energy-efficient way to keep your property at a comfortable temperature, lowering your energy bills by up roughly 40%.

Light Control

Too much natural light in your home? Lower the window and door shutters to minimize the light! This keeps you comfortable and prevents your residence from overheating due to excess sunlight. When you need some natural light to brighten up your home or office, keep the shutters fully or partially retracted. For those who work night shifts or movie lovers, our roller shutters can provide a total “blackout” or darkness, giving you the perfect space to relax as you watch or sleep.


Apart from providing energy efficiency and light control, shutters provide privacy from prying eyes and outside distractions. This is essential for homeowners as it keeps your family safe and creates a much-needed private space. For businesses, shutters keep your work private and make your clients comfortable as they receive their services.


Energy-efficient shutters protect your home and business in different ways. First, they provide a strong barrier against forced entry keeping your family and valuables safe. Secondly, they protect your furnishings and other products and materials at home, store, or office against damage by UV rays.


ROLLerUP security shutters have a 5-year limited warranty.

Custom Paint Options

Over 1800 custom colour options are also available, based on selections from the Benjamin Moore paint fan.

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*Black color is a standard on certain line of products

Roller Shutters Installation & Repair


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