Roll-Up Security Grilles: The Smart Way to Protect Your Storefront

commercial security grill
Burglary remains one of the biggest concerns for business owners and can create significant consequences for any business, with bankruptcy being the worst-case scenario. Not only that, but a sudden loss in resources can also cause a lot of emotional stress.
Unfortunately, this type of crime is not uncommon. Last year alone, there were an estimated 2,178,400 burglary and trespassing-related property crime offenses nationwide. Businesses need to take extra precautions to secure their property, ensuring they do not become a part of this statistic.
Here at ROLLerUP, we’re fully committed to ensuring the safety of your business through security grille installations. These fixtures are an effective method of protecting your commercial property and come with several other significant advantages. Read on and see how roll-up security grilles and shutters can benefit your premises.

Improved Security

The primary reason why security grilles are worthwhile for any business is the protection they afford. Grilles significantly enhance security in various ways, from deterrence to prevention. Storefronts with large entryways and windows are enticing to burglars, making them prime candidates for grille installation.
While some are planned, theft is mostly opportunistic, meaning criminals actively observe your building for weak spots as they pass by. Having a security grill on every major opening on your property results in another layer of protection criminals have to deal with. The bigger the hurdles, the higher the chance of failing and getting caught.
Rolling window grilles are a reliable way of showing criminals that you have put some time and effort into protecting your property. Thieves will always choose the quicker and easier heist, and installing a security grille will help you create an environment that puts them off.


We can custom fit security shutters to any building that needs protection from display show windows and reception areas to restaurants and schools. Security grilles effectively prevent entry, but it’s also possible to install retractable shutters within the property. Larger areas become more manageable by securing them in sections.
Roll-up security grilles are also versatile in terms of function, with many modern models having unique features. Aside from the convenience they provide, electric security grilles come with added components that enhance their protection and safety. For instance, the Extreme 300 Series features a safeguard light curtain that immediately stops the grilles from closing when something passes through the opening.
Lastly, security grilles are adaptable in terms of design. The grilles from our selection come in different materials and patterns to help you find one that fits your aesthetic preference. We even have rolling window grilles that you can personalize with an etching of your choice.


We use durable metal for all of our grilles, usually wrought or galvanized steel or iron. Through special treatments, these metals are more resistant to cutting and other forms of physical damage. With such long-lasting components, properly maintained grilles can last you a lifetime. These permanent installations are a cost-effective method of providing security for your business.
Depending on your budget, you can use a manual system that uses less complex mechanisms. A more straightforward design can result in less expensive repairs. At ROLLerUP, we only offer the highest quality security grilles and security shutters. If you prefer more protection and convenience, automatic grilles remain a solid choice.

Potential Insurance Savings

Another benefit of using roll-up security grilles and security shutters is the cost reduction for insurance premiums. By having better security, you show insurance companies that your business is less likely to suffer from theft.

With extra protection, you are less likely to make claims. Each claim results in the price of your premiums going up, and you may even lose out on “no claim” discounts offered by many insurance companies to clients who haven’t made an insurance claim for a long time.

Keep Your Property Protected

ROLLerUP provides a wide range of premier security grilles that make a fine addition to any commercial property. Whether you need a reliable manual model or a convenient automatic system, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection. If you’re interested in making a purchase, you can fill out a buyer’s form or use our locator to find the nearest dealer to your location.
ROLLerUP’s team of professionals will ensure that your grilles are correctly fitted and installed to deter any intruders. We also provide design and repair services for roll-up security grilles or security shutters. If you have any questions or want some security-related advice feel free to send us a message!