Patio Privacy Screens in Toronto

outdoor privacy screen on a patio

How can I cover my patio for privacy?

When you’re relaxing on your patio, enjoying a cold breeze or some ray of sunshine with your friends and family, privacy is essential. But how do you carve out your patio from the noises and views of the outside world? The best way to achieve privacy in a decorative and beneficial way is by using patio privacy screens.

Privacy screens create a sleek barrier between your deck and the outside chaos, leaving a quiet space to yourself. No more weird stares between you and your neighbours as you try to relax after a hectic day or week. ROLLerUP offers the installation of high-quality patio privacy screens, helping you and your family optimize your outdoor space and privacy.

Types of Patio Screens

Patio screens are available in different materials and designs. At ROLLerUP, we utilize high-quality, durable materials to customize elegant patio screens for our clients. Through customization, the patio privacy screens integrate seamlessly into your existing décor. Some of the materials we utilize are ipe, cedar, Trex composite, plexiglass, aluminum, stainless steel, and PVC.

Since we value our clients and only provide exquisite services, we do not use pressure-treated wood for anything but making the deck’s frame. This is because pressure treated materials are prone to splintering and twisting. Contact us today to learn more about our patio privacy screens and to request a quote.

Benefits of Custom Privacy Screens


Patio screens create a private outdoor space without compromising the quality or size of your deck. This means that you get to relax in the same area with comfort and without interference from outside noises.

Style and Customization

Our patio privacy screens are not plain-old walls dropped on your deck. They come in decorative styles that brighten up your patio and the entire home. We also offer customized screens that meet your specific needs and blend seamlessly with your décor.

Weather Control

Patio privacy screens do not block off the light and wind. Instead, they allow just the right amount of light and breeze into your patio. This increases comfort while protecting you from excess sunlight and strong winds.


What materials are available?

There are numerous materials that ROLLerUP utilizes to build custom patio privacy screens. Some of the most popular materials include cedar, frosted tempered glass, PVC, stainless steel, aluminum, ipe, cedar, plexiglass, and more. Our customization skills are also endless, and we can create a perfect patio screen for your home. Contact our experts today for more information.

How high can I build a privacy screen?

When it comes to the maximum patio screen height, ROLLerUP follows the rules outlined by specific municipalities. Each city has different regulations on the size of screens and fences, and it’s good to do your homework before installation. However, on average, you can build a privacy screen to a height of 6 or 7 feet.

Can my screen be custom made?

Yes, your screen can be custom made. ROLLerUP has the expertise and equipment required to produce exceptional decorative screens that meet your specifications.

Is a decorative screen a good investment?

A decorative screen made of exquisite material with an elegant style is an excellent investment as it increases your home’s appearance and value. On the other hand, a basic screen does not add any value to your home, but it provides some privacy.

Do you offer pressure-treated wood?

No. We do not provide patio screens made of pressure-treated wood as its prone to splintering and fading. We only use it to make your deck’s frame.