How Pergolas Can Help Businesses Generate Revenue In Pandemic Times

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on businesses by forcing people to avoid public spaces, so do entrepreneurs press forward to find creative ways to cope and remain afloat. The coronavirus in Canada and even other parts of the world is still in full swing, and businesses are expected to continue losing money. Restaurants, in particular, are taking the outdoor dining experience to the next level to stay in line with COVID guidelines and social distancing restrictions.

It has been a rough ride for all businesses, and extending services to outside their usual premises is slowly becoming the norm. That said, open-air dining, canopies, pergolas, trellises, and even sheds and domes are on the rise. Owners have turned to such structures as their lifeline, allowing them to stay open amidst these challenging times. The need to fill up tables is great, and the likes of pergolas and canopies offer the prospect of a safer dining experience.

Benefits of Setting Up Pavilions and Pergolas

Pergolas and canopies provide businesses with additional space to serve customers while keeping in line with COVID social distancing guidelines. By setting up an open area where diners could keep a good distance from each other and feel more at ease with the freely circulating air, the possibility of generating income is higher. Customers are more likely to sit and eat in an al fresco setting compared to an indoor environment. But, more than pandemic concerns, pergolas actually bring more benefits in the long term.

Aluminum pergolas protect from the weather.

Pergolas and canopies protect users from direct exposure to harmful UV rays, unexpected rains, shower winters, and even storms. There are even some structures that can be retracted and adjusted so you can welcome a manageable amount of light or heat into your space. If you use a pergola for a dining setting, then your customers will not need to pack up and leave when rain happens and can continue enjoying their food.

Pergolas and canopies provide privacy.

Whether for a business or household, a pergola can provide the privacy you need from outsiders. Whether you want to lounge in your yard or have a private event to host, such structure gives users peace of mind. Installing a privacy screen, which is available in different opacities, also helps enhance coverage.

Pergolas boost your property’s value.

Properties that have an outdoor structure are valued higher because of their enhanced curb appeal. In addition to being decorative, louvered or aluminum pergolas and the like are appreciated because they create an additional space to relax or expand one’s movements.

Both louvered and aluminum pergolas are durable and easy to maintain.

Aluminum pergolas, as most of them are, require very little maintenance and are generally immune to weather-related wear and tear. They can withstand exposure to high heat and rain, making them an excellent investment choice for commercial and residential structures. To further ensure that your aluminum or louvered pergola is the best there is, always have it installed by a professional. ROLLerUP is one of the most preferred pergola providers in Canada because of our proven experience and positive track record.

Pergolas In The Time of COVID

Whether for general use or as a response to pandemic restrictions, pergolas are a practical investment that not only adds aesthetic value but also introduces more room to move. In a business setting, the creation of additional space can mean greater revenue possibilities. This is especially true with current social distancing guidelines. Businesses that aim to thrive amidst the crisis will do well to consider enhancing their coverage by setting up such types of structures. Should you need assistance in determining the best type of pergola for your home or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ROLLerUP team at 855-5-ROLLUP