Why You Should Soundproof Your Windows with Roll Up Shutters


Soundproof windows was once an inaccessible luxury for many Canadian families in busy neighborhoods. Recent advancements in technology have leveled the playing field, though, and the landscape is changing. It’s never been more affordable silence the noise of the bustling city outside and restore tranquillity to your residence.

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Loud Toronto Streets Make Getting Comfortable Hard

Toronto’s popularity has burgeoned, and so has the noise in the streets. Many residents welcome the nightlife, but it spoils the peace and quiet for the families who crave it.

Various soundproofing methods are now available, though, with cost-effective measures to combat noise pollution, from soundproof windows to roll-up shutters. 

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Soundproof Your Windows Using Roller Shutters

If you’ve noticed that your neighbourhood in Toronto has become increasingly noisy, you’re not alone. Instead of expensive soundproofing solutions which are unaffordable, roller shutters do the job at a fraction of the price.
If you’re seeking a useful noise reduction tool that keeps unwanted sounds out, a roller shutter creates a powerful noise barrier. Soundproofing does not need to be a permanent decision, either. When you feel like increasing your exposure you can open your roller shutter. This grants you a more flexible option compared to many alternatives.

Save on Heating Bills with Roller Shutters

Not only do roller shutters help keep out the noise, but these nifty contraptions also reduce the heat that escapes through the windows of your home. The windows are typically one of the home’s most porous elements, continuously leaking the heat you are trying to circulate for a comfortable atmosphere.
Outdated windows without shutters can still force you to turn up the heating system and spike your energy bills.
Winter in Toronto is infamous for chilling temperatures and using roller shutters cuts down significantly on energy costs.

R Value of a Window Before and After Shutters Are Installed

If you don’t have experience in the industry, you might be confused at the mention of the R Value of a window. A window’s R Value is a measure of its energy-efficiency rating. The larger the R Value, the more resistance the window provides against temperature fluctuations in the home
The R Value of your window depends on the type of window installed in your home, among other factors. An extremely robust and energy-efficient window will have a maximum R Value of 3, for example. After you install roller shutters, however, you can expect an R Value between 3 and 6.

Roller Shutter Offer More Than Just Soundproof Windows

Rollers shutters are used for much more than creating soundproof windows, however. The other benefits associated with installing window shutters are innumerable. Window shutters offer a wide hose of different benefits to your home and are an ideal investment.

Here are five other benefits associated with the installation of window shutters in your home:
Home Windows Security Shutters

1. Safety—Window Security Toronto

In addition to retaining heat and blocking noise, window shutters also help you protect your home from unwanted intruders. Windows are a weak spot for many properties and using strong shutters closes off potential entry points from the outside. Security-focused window shutters can lock down your home in a matter of seconds.

We find that our window shutters are particularly popular with residents who leave home for extended periods. If you’re someone who works away from home, using a roller shutter can give you the peace of mind that no strangers will be able to enter your property while you’re gone.

2. Internal Light Control

If you want more control over the amount of sunlight entering your home or bedroom, then roller shutters offer complete light concealment that you won’t find in any other light-blocking products.
It is an especially useful tool for individuals who work night shifts or irregular hours. Blackout shades can help you control the internal lighting in your bedroom, for example, but there’s nothing better than roller shutters for creating an artificial dark room. If you want to eliminate all light and have a decent night’s sleep at any time during the daylight hours, there’s no better product available.

3. Privacy

Not only do roller shutters keep out intruders and unwanted light, but they also help you retain your privacy. living in Toronto, a roller shutter system can provide you and your family a peaceful home that’s private and secure. It’s natural for passersby to feel the urge to peer into your home’s window occasionally, don’t give them an opportunity.
Roller shutters are placed on individual windows, so you can open or close each screen as you please. It’s the perfect way to keep your home private in some areas and open in others. It will leave you feeling less exposed and more able to enjoy your home in bustling Toronto.

4. Extreme Weather Protection

Toronto is known for its brutal winters, too. If you want to protect your home from water damage, wind, debris, and other storm-related issues, roller up shutters are secure and reliable. It’s the best way to reduce your windows’ exposure and prevent the risk of potential damage.
Our roller shutters are easily secured, which means you only need a few minutes to secure your home when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

5. UV Ray Protection

Not only does sunlight prevent you from regulating the lighting in your home, but it can also damage your floor, furniture, and other belongings over time. The UV radiation can fade the colours of various components of your home, including expensive investments.

If you have large windows exposed to direct sunlight, roller shutters reduce the impact of the sun’s UV rays on your home’s interior.

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