Home Automation With Security Roller Shutters

Patio Roller Shutters


The trend here in Canada, like most of North America, is home automation. It is the wave of the future that is already here. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) link-up technology, household devices and systems can communicate with the owner.

The increased personal convenience automation offers is irresistible. Canada is embracing it unabashedly.

One outstanding characteristic of automation is that it is scalable. Depending upon the preferences of the owner, builders can make homes as fully automated as possible. Others, less trusting of technology, have the option to automate only what they choose.

Role of Automation

Automation’s role is simple and clear-cut. It makes life easier by performing some of the more mundane household chores as well as more important functions. It operates either on a set schedule or by voice command.

Not having to actually do these time-consuming tasks makes life more enjoyable. Time usually consumed doing them can now be spent with more pressing issues and other life-enhancing pursuits.

An Added Layer of Security

For many, an added automated layer of security may also be desirable and indeed necessary. Security roll-up shutters are a wise and effective choice for this added protection.

These security roll-up shutters are a more attractive, stylized version of garage doors. You may also recognize them as a type of pull-down door shop keepers in mall areas use to secure front entrances.

They are made from aluminum or other composite materials, and they too can be automated.

1. Automated Security

Automated security systems do an excellent job of alerting occupants of security breaches. Motion sensitive cameras and alerts establish a whole-house perimeter of intruder warnings.

These automated shutters also have a major impact on home security here in Canada. They offer the single biggest contribution toward home protection and security. These shutters basically encase all available break-in points with metal.

Home break-ins are on the rise and a growing concern for many. With automated security and these shutters, one can live more comfortably in privacy knowing that his privacy is secure. He no longer needs to be the watchdog; his watchdog is now automated.

2. Voice Control

Roll up shutters which respond to voice commands have small motors installed in the frame. They are connected to the shade’s rotating axle.

These motors control shutter operation in response to voice commands received through a Wi-Fi device like Alexa.

3. Mobile Device Control

You can also automatically control your roll up shutters using a remote device much like any other remote control.

The motors are equipped with sensors which respond to electronic signals sent by pressing the button on the remote control except at much greater distances. 

Signals are sent to the receivers by infrared light or a binary code sent by radio waves. 


They are useful for protecting windows and patio doors. These two areas are favourites for break-in entrances. Security roller shutters are practically impenetrable by regular burglary tools.

These rollers are sure to make too much noise for anyone who would try to kick them in or beat their way in with a hammer. They are strong and durable. These shutters are weather resistant.

You can automate them to operate at set times on a schedule. A designated schedule can be set block the hottest part of the day and take advantage of the hours when the sun’s rays are not as intense. You can also opt to open and close them remotely per your personal preference.

1. Attractive Colors

Today’s versions of roll up shutters designed for the home pretty much destroy the old notion that they are just too unattractive for homes.

They come in a variety of colours and designs which match existing home exteriors. They blend in so well they look like a part of the structure for the casual observer.

2. Add Home Value

A house that is vulnerable to break-ins loses market value. Most buyers are not willing to pay for and live in a house that is not safe.

Break-ins can actually damage door and window frames. These in turn affect the structural integrity of the house.

Installing security roller shutters add value to a house since they offer unsurpassed protection from such potential damage. Automated roller shutters add even more value since automation alleviates any concern about having to manually operate them.


Home automation is clearly the best approach for handling household chores. Not only is this true here in Canada, but everywhere home owners want more free time and less aggravation.

More importantly, automation is a more efficient method for managing one of the most important functions of any home, keeping its inhabitants safe and secure.