Five Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Privacy Screens


Our outdoor privacy screens are becoming increasingly popular for good reasons. They help protect your outdoor spaces from prying eyes while still allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. They are also one of the few additions to your outdoors without the need for any major project or budget.

In addition, they also provide numerous benefits to you and your family in terms of privacy, elements and bugs. Here are a few other benefits that might convince you to get a ROLLzipUP screen for your home or business:


1. UV Protection

Have you ever tried to sleep in a room with too much light? It is almost impossible, especially if your circadian rhythm tells you that it’s daytime and not night. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 1 in 2 adults reportedly has trouble going to sleep or staying asleep. One way to promote better sleep during the day is creating a quiet, cool and comfortable environment.

ROLLerUP screens have unique UV and solar protection that helps improve your sleep during the day and enhance the quality of your indoor environment. They are an effective solution in creating a relaxing surrounding and providing shade to your furniture and flooring from potential damage by blocking the sun’s rays. And when not in use, you can easily retract or roll them up.


2. Privacy

This is one of the most sought reasons why people purchase roll-up privacy screens for their homes. If you want to keep a certain area in your property private, there isn’t any need to close off access with doors when you have these types of screens on hand.

Our privacy screens allow homeowners, who may spend most of their time indoors, to enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining privacy within their living spaces. On top of creating a cool, comfortable indoor, ROLLerUP screens also give daytime privacy–allowing you to enjoy your time and space during the day.


3. Bug Protection

If your property is situated in a rural area where bugs and mosquitoes are abundant, ROLLerUP Screens are the perfect solution for you. These tightly woven privacy screens also offer a luxurious, safe space for you and your family.

Furthermore, our screens do not only block glare and light, but they also deter pests. They are designed to fit into any surface, whether indoors or outdoors. You are not only protected from prying eyes but also from annoying mosquitoes and bugs.


4. High Energy Efficiency

An exterior shading solution like ROLLzipUP screens reduces solar radiation before it can pass through your windows, which results in reduced energy demand. Our screens seek to lower energy bills by directing undesired heat from entering your home, which causes the cooling system in your house to work extra hard.

ROLLerUP screens also help protect the outdoor environment by reducing carbon footprint—extending the benefits outside your home. We can confidently say that our products are innovative in improving comfort conditions but also in energy efficiency. Our screens, in particular, are designed to keep you visible and glare-free, so you can enjoy living more comfortably while saving money on expensive heating and cooling costs.


5. Wind Resistance

ROLLerUP screens have an excellent retention system that can stand against strong winds that may blow into your home. The incredible resistance to wind and uncomfortable seasonal breezes reduces the risk of moisture and condensation on windows while keeping you and your indoors secure, comfortable and undisturbed.

Moreover, the flexible features make our screens perfect for your deck, patio, pool house and even pergola.

The benefits of privacy screens for your home are clear: the UV protection that helps improve your quality of sleep and protects your furniture from fading easily, privacy and bug protection that keeps you away from insects and prying eyes, and energy-efficiency and wind resistance that make your investment go a long way.

ROLLerUP screens are an excellent investment for homeowners seeking energy efficiency in their homes. These screens can help to regulate the temperature inside the home by preventing heat gain during the summer months and heat loss during the winter months. This, in turn, can reduce the load on HVAC systems, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

Additionally, ROLLerUP screens can be paired with smart home technology, allowing homeowners to control the screens remotely and program them to adjust according to the time of day, season, or weather conditions. By automating the use of the screens, homeowners can ensure optimal energy efficiency without having to manually adjust the screens themselves.

Some ROLLerUP screens also feature insulating materials that help to further reduce energy consumption in the home. These materials work to reduce heat transfer through the windows, improving overall energy efficiency and helping homeowners save on energy costs over time.

Overall, the energy-efficient features of ROLLerUP screens make them an excellent investment for homeowners who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy bills over the long term.

Timur from Gleamworks

No matter the time of the day, whether you’re working or sleeping, ROLLzipUP screens are an effective tool for providing the privacy and protection that you need. More Canadians continue to ask our team to install our screens because of the solutions they provide.

We have a variety of appealing options that are available in different colours, so don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. You can find us on social media or send us an email with a short description of your next project.