Does Window Security Film Really Work?


If you are looking for ways to increase the security of your home, window security film is a widely suggested measure. This film is applied directly to your windows, and the claim is that it will keep your windows intact, even if someone tries to throw a brick through it.

At first glance, window security film seems like the ideal option to keep burglars out of your home and to prevent accidents from shattering your windows. Window security film may also seem like a viable alternative to things like burglar bars, security lights, roll up window shutters, and security locks, especially since it has a simple design and is easy to install.

All that sounds great, but you’re probably wondering if window security film is worth it. Let’s explore how security film works, the installation process, and how effective it is in protecting your windows.

How Does Security Film Work?

Window security film is similar to the binding agent that is used in the manufacturing of automotive glass. When the glass is hit, it may shatter, but it’s held in place by the film. There will be no hole in the window. The film prevents flying objects from passing through the glass, and it keeps the entire surface of the glass firmly in the frame.
One of the most common ways for burglars to gain access to a property is by breaking out a window to enter through or unlock a door. Security film eliminates this entry method, or at the least makes it take longer to access—and so reduces the chances of success.
Security film is also useful to prevent accidents because if the window is accidentally broken, by say a rouge baseball or bad storm, the glass doesn’t shatter and spread across your home. Some security films also offer UV protection, which helps to prevent sun fading on your walls and furniture. It can even lower your utility bills.

Window Security Film Installation

One of the drawbacks of window security film products is that you can’t install it yourself— you will need the services of a professional. A window security installation film involves applying the film to the glass and caulking the edges of the windows along the inside to create a weatherproof seal and secure the film to the frame.
Most residential installation projects can be completed within a day, but if you have a big office building with a lot of windows, the installation process may take longer. Window security film can also be installed over existing glazing.
If you want to save money on installation, you can do the caulking part of the process yourself. However, if you don’t have experience with this type of project, you may see better results if you leave it to a professional installer.
Window security film works exceptionally well to protect your windows and your belongings. ROLLerUP can provide you with a complete and professional window security film installation service.
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