Types of Security Shutters

Security Shutters

Whether you own a home or business, your priority is keeping your family, belongings and livelihood safe. Unlike most security applications such as alarms and cameras, roll-up security shutters will not alert you of an invader; they will prevent them from entering your property.

Integrating a custom roller shutter into your exciting security system will add an unparallel layer of protection. Roll-up shutters are so much more than security and peace of mind. They are energy efficient, weather protecting and elegant, keeping you safe without compromising style.

ROLLerUP security shutters are sturdy, durable, Canadian-made and of exceptional quality. Easily installed in commercial and residential settings, providing an array of benefits such as:

  • Security
  • Noise reduction
  • Insulation
  • Weather protection
  • Privacy
  • Shading and light control

Types Of Rollerup Shutters H2

Types of ROLLerUP shutters 

All of our shutters are custom-made to perfectly fit all of your openings, come in a wide variety of primary and custom colours to match any decor and are available in manual or motorized operation.

Choose from light to extra tough applications depending on your security needs. From keeping wildlife out of your shed and cabana, protecting your store inventory from thieves, to keeping burglars out of your home, whatever your security needs are, we got you covered!

Windows And Doors

Windows and doors – We all love beautiful glass doors with modern details and big elegant windows pouring natural light into your home. However, windows and doors are some of the weakest security points in your home. Roll-up security shutters fit seamlessly into your home and provide an excellent layer of protection.

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Counters and cabinets – Many businesses carry products that are best kept safe behind a security shutter keeping your inventory secure.  Easy to operate and custom-made to fit your needs. Counters, cabinets, canteens, stores and even food truck pass-throughs, Here at ROLLerUP we got you covered!

Garage Doors

Garage Doors – A strong garage door will protect your home, vehicles and other belongings you may be storing. ROLLerUP supplies and installs exquisite, superior quality roller shutter doors that integrate into your home and provide more than security and privacy to your home. Our garage door roller shutters require minimal maintenance and are tailored to meet your commercial or residential needs. Unlike conventional doors, they occupy minimal space. In addition, they can be automated or manually operated, depending on your preference. For more information on our garage door roller shutters in Ontario and their benefits, visit our blog.


Storefront – ROLLerUP provides customized storefront security shutters in the GTA to help protect your inventory. We design Storefront security shutters in a way that provides security and still showcases your business when closed. They are available in many patterns and styles, and we tailor them to your preference.

Pool Houses

Cabanas/Pool houses – luxurious additions to any property, cabanas and pool houses are stocked full of furniture, electronics and stocked outdoor kitchens. Adding a custom security shutter protects your property from four-legged and two-legged intruders.


Laneways Homeowners with laneways often lack privacy and security. Protecting your home, family and valuable belongings by installing a custom made roll up shutter offers top-of-the-line protection with the added features of a stylish enclosure.